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The book theme is on the Ayurveda specialty called Marma therapy. Ayurveda being a very ancient practice of medicine in the Indian subcontinent does involve different therapeutic specialties / measures. The name as MARMA (vital points on the body) is almost forgotten specialty amongst present Ayurveda practitioners. Based on the recitations (SLOKA) in ancient Ayurveda Samhita (scriptures) and on the personal clinical experience, author has weaved the thread of narration in this book. 

The first edition came in 1998 and this is the revised second edition with color photographs for practical demo. The second revised edition in English is international edition with ISBN.  

Author has convincingly placed about 200 patients’ data to support his opinion on Marma therapy and diagnostics, which would bring it towards evidence based.   Of particular, the author emphatically connects the knowledge of Marma therapy with the practices of Ayurveda massage and Panchakarma therapy. These exclusive ideology and approach make this work distinct from any other literary work on Marma therapy.  

The book is hopefully very informative to all seekers including therapists and medical practitioners.  

The author has been conducting workshops/lectures on Marma in different countries and also within India since more than a decade.


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