Sherry Ottoson 

I  was referred to Preeti by my doctor due to leg pain. It's been very challenging because the pain comes and goes. She is determined to find the cause and work towards making me pain free for good. Preeti is a very skilled massage therapist and zones in right at the problem areas. I always feel 100% better when I leave. I highly recommend her to anyone who is dealing with pain and looking for an alternative to physical therapy. She is very reasonable and does accept insurance.

Rakesh Rana 

rPreeti Senjalia is a true professional in her field. After suffering with chronic head tension for nearly two months Mrs. Senjalia was able to significantly improve my head tension and neck pain. I highly recommend her medical services. She is very courteous and understanding in working with her patients to improve their health.

Robin DeLorenzo is feeling relieved at Preeti Senjalia At All Rehab Pain Relief Center.

April 19, 2016 · Succasunna · 

Not one to complain, but 2 weeks ago during set up of the wedding expo I thought I had pulled a muscle or got a knot. But it wasn't getting better. Apparently it wasn't a knot and I did a bit of twisting of the tiny muscles around my rib cage. First time in 2 weeks I can breathe without a twinge and my body is feeling such relief! Thanks Marion G Manning-McMillin for the recommendation. Preeti has an amazing touch.

Jean Vollmer

3 reviews

10 months ago

I love Preeti and the fact that she is a massage therapist as well as a physical therapist. If you are going for a massage and have any other issues she can help with that as well. She is kind, caring and very knowledgeable. She can offer little tips and things you can do at home. I highly recommend her.


Response from the owner10 months ago

I am so glad you are happy with the therapy.

Tara W Lauterbach

Local Guide · 11 reviews

a year ago

Prompt, intuitive, results drive. knowledgeable


Response from the ownera year ago

I am glad you liked the therapy.

Mandeep Josan

1 review

a year ago

I had severe neck pain and have been hearing fearful things from doctors and Chiropractors, my friend recommended me to visit her, and Preeti did amazing job. Her hands have special power. I am free from pain and back to normal. Would highly recommend her.


Response from the ownera year ago

I really appreciate you sharing the experience ,so more people can find the right place to get the right therapy.

Barbara Strand

1 review

a year ago

My chronic aching neck is much improved since starting physical therapy and massage therapy with Preeti Senjalia at All Rehab Pain Relief.


Response from the ownera year ago

I am so glad to hear that.
And thanks for taking time to write a review, it helps people find the right place to get the therapy done...

Alicia Hung

1 review

a year ago

I would highly recommend Preeti Senjalia. She's great, knowledgeable and caring. She would work with you slowly and practice best techniques to help you heal quicker. I had back pain about a year. I went to see her and She worked it out …More


Response from the ownera year ago

thanks for taking time to write review.

kate heard

2 reviews

9 months ago

After getting massage therapy here I feel rejuvenated and rested, no more back ache, great experience, thank you Preeti.


Response from the owner9 months ago

I am so glad to hear that...
Thanks for spreading the good word

Tina Farnsworth

3 reviews

11 months ago

I have had upper back pain for years. All muscle related. Chiropractic didn't help. Acupuncture didn't help. But thanks to Preeti and her magic hands, I have never felt better. She also worked with me to give me exercises and stretches to do at home to keep the muscles loose. Thank you Preeti!


Response from the owner11 months ago

I am glad I was of help.
Thanks for spreading the good words...Donna in Flanders, Nj | Jun 08, 2017

I suffered a severe shoulder injury last year; no breaks or torn ligaments but my range of motion was non-existent. I tried p/t for 6 months & acupuncture w/o any real improvements. My condition turned into frozen shoulder syndrome. Preeti worked her magic on my shoulder & displayed a deep understanding of the muscles, tendons & joints. She knew exactly where to apply pressure, massage and challenged the muscles when ready. I now have almost full range of motion! Use this wonderful therapist!

Min C.

Manhattan, NY


My husband and I both see Preeti on a weekly basis. My husband has a very bad back due to his scoliosis with double curvature. She also helps with muscle relaxation and tension due to stress and strain. We both have been to many therapists, acupuncturist and physical therapist all over NJ and NYC and Preeti exceeds them all with her professionalism and most of all skill.

Rebecca K.

Mount Arlington, NJ


Preeti is extremely knowledgeable, professional and really goes the extra mile.  I recommend her to everyone I know.  She has helped me after many months of physical therapy were unsuccessful.  She is kind and simply the best at what she does.

Sujin C.


Honestly the most amazing person I have ever met- in terms of personality, kindness, understanding of my body, and most importantly in skill. I have lived with pain for a while now, going to doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc. However, I never received the relief or help that I desperately needed to go through my daily life. On the verge of discouragement and despair, I found Preeti and have had looser shoulders, less neck pain, and less nausea. Just going to her office and the knowledge of her acquaintance immediately makes me feel relaxed. She is an invaluable gem. If you have pain, do not hesitate to meet with her -the most professional and approachable physical therapist.

Rachel L.

Hopatcong, NJ


Woke up with terrible neck pain and couldn't really turn my head. I couldn't get an appointment with physical therapist until the next day ( tried 3 places). I called All Rehab & Preeti called me right back. She squeezed me in that day, for a 30 min treatment. Later that evening I actually felt worse.  But, the next morning I was much better and had more range of motion. Went back 2 days later and even more improvement. Preeti listened and seemed to know exactly how to help me.  Very positive experience for me.

Hayley P.



I've been seeing Preeti for a while now primarily to assist me with ITB and related problems. She is amazing!  Not only is she a skilled professional; she also takes the time to listen to a client and teaches them what home care (exercises, stretches) to do to complement the work she does. I cannot believe the improvement I have had in my mobility, exercise and long distance hiking and running since I've been coming to Preeti. I wouldn't hesitate to use her for any future conditions and recommend her highly.

She is a very good massage therapist and has an extensive knowledge of the human body. She knows how to zero in on a problem spot and to relieve the pain. I would certainly recommend her.

Rachel A.
Kenvil, NJ

Before beginning treatment with Preeti, I was living with chronic back and neck pain for over 6 months. Despite several visits to my primary care physician, the discomfort would not subside so I began looking for alternate treatment options and came across Preeti's website. I am SO grateful to have found her! Within two sessions my pain began to diminish and I experienced increased mobility. Furthermore, Preeti provided a customized stretching/strengthening program for me to do at home that has helped to expedite my healing.

In addition to being a very knowledgeable and skilled therapist, Preeti is also a very caring person who is genuinely concerned about the well-being of her patients. And - unlike most medical care providers - she is easily reached by phone or email and always returns my messages in a timely manner.If you are experiencing any pain/discomfort, do yourself a favor and call Preeti TODAY. You'll be so glad you did!
Connie D.
Budd Lake, NJ
I am so thankful to have found Preeti. I have been suffering from neck, back, shoulders, and arms pain for over 1 year. I was diagnosed with 3 neck discs slippage. I was prescribed physical therapy which I did for a couple of months. After many sections and a huge bill, I was still in pain. I went back to my spine doctor who gave me a cortisone shot and recommended more therapy. i decided that the treatments were not helping and stopped going. The cortisone shot did nothing for me. To the contrary it made the pain worse. I decided I was going to learn to live with this pain.

One day I was surfing the internet looking for a good massage place that could help me with my pain. I came across Preeti's place and decided to give it a try.
It is the best decision I could have ever made. Even though I did not know what to expect from this massage section, I explained to Preeti my pain problems. She listened carefully and said, "I can definitely help you, you do not have to live in pain". She completely focused on the affected area and it felt amazing. I felt so much better from the first section. I am still going to see her every week. I am feeling better and better everyday. I am even back to exercising!!Preeti is a professional, caring individual. All she cares about is helping you get better. I would recommend her to everyone. She is simply amazing.Please do not suffer from pain, go see Preeti, she will help you!!

Ranelle C.

Andover, NJ


I am so thrilled to have found Preeti. She took the time to fit me into her busy schedule when I told her of the severe back pain I was having. She did a fantastic job on relieving my pain. I was very impressed with the care given during the appointments and the personal follow up a few days later to see how I was feeling. I will continue to come back to her for any future issues I might have as well as refer to all my family and friends. She is fantastic!

April W.

Sparta, NJ


I first came in to see Preeti with a chronic problem I had with my piriformis muscle. Since seeing her the pain has subsided greatly and I'm finally able to walk without any pain or discomfort. Preeti listened to all my concerns, didn't treat me like just another patient, and was genuinely concerned about my progress. If you are in any pain or discomfort I strongly suggest seeing Preeti! She's amazing!!

Linda N.
Long Valley, NJ

From the time I walked into the office, I was impressed by her knowledge, compassion and technique. She has found and released many trigger points and tightness which has bothered me for years from an old injury. I wish I had found Preeti years ago. I am so grateful for her kind and thorough care- she is the best!

Grace B.

Landing, NJ

I came to Preeti after I injured my shoulder body building. After just 3 sessions I feel amazing and so grateful. Preeti not only showed me exercises but emailed me videos to follow at home. She truly cares about her clients. Thank You Preeti!

E J.
Mine Hill Township, NJ

After a severe allergic reaction I experienced face, neck and arm pain that just was not resolving itself. Preeti was able to explain to me what had happened and between massage and exercises she recommended I am feeling so much better. Thanks Preeti!


Great masseuse, very friendly yet very professional. Makes you feel comfortable. The fact that she's physical therapist and a masseuse gives her a better understanding of human body anatomy and therefore she can customized your massage according to your body.

January 30, 2014 






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